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The project is implemented within the Partnership Agreement between the Executive Environment Agency and the Directorate for Water Resources and Energy at the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy of Norway on the basis of:

  • Implementing Regulation for the EEA Financial Mechanism (2009-2014)
  • The Memorandum of Understanding on the implementation of the EEA Financial Mechanism (2009-2014)
  • BG02 Program "Integrated Marine and Inland Water Management" within the EEA FM (2009-2014)

Basic activities:

  • Inventory of existing information systems for water management and monitoring, specification of the connections between them and the necessary improvements, modules and interfaces
  • Upgrading of existing functionalities of the Information system for permitting and water monitoring, development and introduction of new modules to the geoinformation system for water management and reporting, incl. training and implementation of a system in the activities of the competent institutions.
  • Supply of hardware and technical equipment
  • Supply of specialized software and licenses
  • Conducting information and publicity activities
  • Audit
  • Project management

Target groups:

  • Ministry of Environment and Water (MoEW);
  • Four Basin Directorates - East Aegean River Basin Directorate, West Aegean River Basin Directorate, Black Sea Basin Directorate, Danube River Basin Directorate;
  • The Executive Environment Agency (EEA)
  • Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Water (RIEWs);
  • National statistical institute (NSI)


The project's results aim to improve water management on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria through an updated information system, monitoring and control of water pollutants. The Information system will provide monitoring data on the basis of the permits issued and the risk calculation algorithm as well as a pollutant analysis supporting the measures against pollutants. As a result of collected and processed data, public funds will be saved and the responsible institutions will be required to carry out their work in a significantly more efficient way.

The project will raise public awareness and enable citizens to have a direct influence water monitoring and management. The project is expected to make problems’ planning easier and to pay attention to deeper monitoring of water management. The updated information system will be used as a tool for pooling activities between institutions, non-governmental organizations and associations, local, regional and national public administrations and all involved in the process.

Under European and national legislation, the Information system will be updated annually. Its subsequent day-to-day administration will be a demonstration of commitment to continuing the project activities not only by the beneficiary but also by all stakeholders. The purchased equipment will be used fully and regularly updated for the smooth operation and updating of the information system.

Duration of the project: until 23.12.2017