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Activities and results

  1. Implementation of the activities for provision of information and publicity

The public procurement is divided into three distinct positions:

"Conducting an Information Campaign" - Contract № 3144 / 01.12.2015, "MEGA COMMUNICATIONS" EOOD. Within the Contract  implementation, three events were carried out:

Opening Conference - held on 21 September 2017 in Sofia. The opening conference presented the main objectives, the planned activities, the implementation deadlines and the sources for financing the project for updating the geoinformation system for water management.

Information meeting - held on 23 October 2017 in Sofia. The progress of the project for updating the geological information system for water management and the reporting and prototype of the geoinformation system were presented on the meeting.

Closing Conference - held on 20 November 2017 in Sofia. The conference takes into account the results and the implemented activities of the project.

"Production of printed information and advertising materials" - Contract № 3154 / 10.12.2015, “DMI DEVELOMENT” EOOD

Production and delivery of information materials: USB memory, pocket folders, notepad, two types of calendars, notepads, pens, ecobots, vinyl with a stand, leaflet and brochure.

The information materials have been prepared according to the requirements of the BG02 program and the Program operator - Ministry of Environment and Water.

"Website development" - Contract № 3157 / 12.12.2015 was concluded  with "GM Creative" EOOD. The site has the ability to support two languages - Bulgarian and English, and a tool for searching for information.

2. Upgrading of existing functionalities, development and introduction of new modules to the geoinformation system for water management and reporting

Contract № 3439 / 31.08.2017

Activities under Stage 1 "Design"

  • Business analysis of the problem area of ​​the system;
  • Organize and conduct the planned workshops to discuss all problem areas and relevant functional modules. These meetings clarified the requirements and made decisions on the key functionalities of the system;
  • Effective communication and exchange of information. In the course of communication and exchange, additional information, data, documents and other materials were provided;
  • Development of a detailed technical specification of the system;
  • Design of the system. Development of the architecture of the system, general and detailed design of the system.

Activities under Stage 2 "Development of Database":

  • Development of the physical model of the system database covering its geographical and non-geographic part;
  • Physical creation of the system database in the development environment;
  • Retrieve available data from existing ExEA systems;
  • Load all available data into the system database;
  • Verification of loaded data for completeness and consistency.

Activities under Stage 3 "Development of Information system":

  • Development of a prototype of the user interface;
  • Realization of the business processes of the information system;
  • Development of the access management security subsystem
  • Developing the reporting infrastructure;
  • Preparation of test data;
  • Testing of software components, integration tests and system testing;

Activities carried out under Stage 4 "Implementation":

  • Verification and configuration of the hardware and communication infrastructure for the installation of GIS for WVID;
  • Installation of the GIS base software for water management and reporting;
  • Installation of GIS application software for water management and reporting;
  • Integration of GIS for water management and reporting with the available Information Systems;
  • Testing of GIS for WBI in the environment of the ExEA.


Activities under Stage 5 "Acceptance"

  • Organization of training and preparation of training materials;
  • Training of 72 users of the system;
  • Training of 6 system administrators
  • Final drafting of the technical documentation of the system:

o Detailed technical specification;

o Structure of the geographic database

o Structure of the functional database

o System User's Guide;

o System Administrators Guide.

o Preparing the media system software;

o Transmit software and system documentation.

o Preparation of the operating system;

  • Plan the implementation of warranty maintenance;

o Develop a plan for warranty maintenance of the system.

The created Information System integrates the existing information systems and provides opportunities for importing databases maintained in the Basin Directorates, creating new functionalities and new modules. The system will improve the work of the responsible institutions, including the structures of the Ministry of Environment and Water, in connection with the fulfillment of our country's obligations for the practical implementation of the directives and the national legislation in the water sector and the reporting to the European Commission, and Eurostat.

3.Supply of hardware and technical equipment

Hardware and technical equipment is delivered to enable a state-of-the-art solution to be implemented in accordance with the attached technical specification and will achieve sufficient processing resources to balance loads, sufficient memory allocation resources to load; enough disk space; fast and secure access of new systems and applications to the Storage Area Network (SAN); enough disk capacity with the necessary performance to back up and recover large amounts of data.

4. Supply of specialized software and licenses

Provided is a licensed database management software and back-up software

5. Project management

6. Audit of the project - Contract №3160/15.12.2015, „GRANT TORNTON“ OOD