Report on the Status of the Environment - 2000

The annual Report on the Status of Environment is prepared pursuant to Art.4 of the Law on Environment Protection.1 The Report is prepared by an expert group of the Ministry of Environment and Water and the Executive Environmental Agency with the Ministry. For its preparation information and data have been used provided by the following sources: the National Automated Ecological Monitoring System managed by the Executive Environment Agency with the MoEW, the National Statistical Institute, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, the State Agency of Energy and Energy resources. The Report was adopted by Resolution No.191/05.04.2002 of the Council of Ministers. The Report is aiming at the public information about the environment status in 2000, the trends and dynamics of the changes compared to the previous years, the solved and outstanding problems, the implemented major legislative and administrative measures and projects in the field of environment.

The Report consists of four sections:

Ecological Status and Natural Resources  
The section presents detailed information on: emitted harmful substances in the ambient air and the ambient air's quality in the settlements; the status of water resources, lands and soils in quantity and quality aspect; data and information about the biodiversity, forests and protected natural sites; data at national level on the household, construction, production and hazardous waste, the use of subsurface resources; information on natural and technogenic radioactivity and acoustic environment.
Political Instruments  
The section presents basic information, problems and tendencies concerning the impact of the major economic branches - manufacturing industry, power engineering, transport, etc. on the status of air, water and soils.
Impact of Economic Branches on Environment  
The section presents the undertaken administrative and economic measures, wherewith the politic is implemented in the field of environment - the procedures of the assessment of the impact on environment, as a mechanism for pollution prevention; the ecological audits of operating enterprises; the ecological sanctions and taxes; the national sources of financing of ecological activities and projects; the development of the NAEMS.
European Integration and International Cooperation  
The section presents information about the basic activities, related to the negotiating process for joining the European Union, the most important international events within the framework of the bilateral cooperation with another countries and organizations, the internationally financed projects coordinated by MoEW in 2000.
1The Report on the Status of Environment (Green Book) in 2000 is published behind schedule because the basic data at national level is processed by NSI till the end of November of the last year.

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