Ежедневен бюлетин

for Radiological Situation

Data about radiological gamma background in the points from the National Automatic Monitoring System for Radiation Gamma Background
Average daily mean values for gamma dose rate H*(10) in µSv/h
in the period from 18.09.2018 11:00 to 19.09.2018 11:00

Point Mean value (µSv/h)
Vidin 0,112
Valchedram 0,078
Hayredin 0,108
Montana 0,111
Selanovci 0,084
Kneja 0,105
Vratza n/a
Veliko Tarnovo 0,091
Petrohan 0,103
Pleven 0,09
Silistra 0,085
Ruse 0,095
Tervel 0,079
Samuil 0,089
Kaliakra 0,085
Emine 0,105
Oresh 0,11
Ahtopol 0,11
Varna 0,101
Elhovo 0,119
Rojen peak 0,15
Plovdiv 0,144
Viden peak 0,12
Orelyak peak 0,167
Botev peak 0,161
Sofia 0,137


The data is received and published automaticaly and they are not validated. After validation, the data is published in the quarterly bulletins and the National report on the state of the environment.

In the stations indicated „n/a”, there is a technical problem.

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