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Strandzha   (Unique identification code in the register: 7)

Category: Natural Park


Map of the object
Digital boundaries - WGS 84, UTM 35N (shp)

Digital boundaries are in the process of updating

Area: 116054.21 hectares

1. District: Burgas, Municipality: Malko Tarnovo, Locality: Bliznak, Brashlyan, Byala voda, Evrenozovo, Gramatikovo, Kalovo, Malko Tarnovo, Mladezhko, Slivarovo, Stoilovo, Vizitsa, Zabernovo, Zvezdets
2. District: Burgas, Municipality: Tsarevo, Locality: Balgari, Brodilovo, Izgrev, Kondolovo, Kosti, Rezovo, Sinemorets, Tsarevo, Varvara, Velika, Аhtopol

Falls in the territory of the following Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Water (RIEW):
Burgas - ul."Perustica" 67,et.3,p.k.219

Falls in the territory of the following Regional Forestry Directorates (RFD):
RFD Burgas: SFE Kosti, SFE Malko Tarnovo, SFE Tsarevo, SFE Zvezdets, SHE Gramatikovo

Ordinance for announcement:
Ordinance No.РД-30 from 24.01.1995 30-1995

Ordinance for change:

1. Re-categorization with Ordinance No.РД-350 from 14.07.2000 350-2000
2. Change in the area - decrease with Ordinance No.РД-25 from 18.01.2001 25-2001
3. Change in the area - decrease with Ordinance No.РД-59 from 24.01.2013 59-2013

Aims of the declaration:
1. Long-term protection of the unique nature in the catchment areas of the rivers Veleka and Rezovska and ensuring sustainable socio-economic development in the region.

Current prohibitions and regimes:
1. It is prohibited to collect, store or disarm dangerous waste, included in the catalogue by government decree № 153 от 1993 г. (addendum N 1);
2. It is prohibited to bring in any waste.
3. It is prohibited to bring in foreign wild plant and animal species, sub-species and forms.
4. It is prohibited to fell high-stem beech forests with an undergrowth of Large Periwinkle
5. It is prohibited to use wild plant and animal resources in amounts and in ways, which endanger the existence of species, to decreasing the biological diversity or to disturbing the normal functioning of the natural ecosystems.

Overlapping (partial or full):
1. Natural Monument: Gradishteto - Est. Nahodishte Na Sinya Hvoyna
2. Natural Monument: Nahodishte Na Strandzhanski Dab Lazhnik V M. Konadzhika
3. Natural Monument: Nakovo Kladenche
4. Natural Monument: Peshtera I Izvorite Na R. Mladezhka, M. Kaleto
5. Natural Monument: Peshterata Elenina Dupka
6. Natural Monument: Peshterata Maharata v m. Mestnost Sarpia
7. Natural Monument: Skalno Obrazuvanie v m. Kamenska Barchina
8. Protected Site: Bosna
9. Protected Site: Dokuzak
10. Protected Site: Estestveno Nahodishte Na Piren (Erica Arborea) v m. Dyado Valcho
11. Protected Site: Kalkata
12. Protected Site: Krivinizovo
13. Protected Site: Marina Reka
14. Protected Site: Moryane
15. Protected Site: Nevestin Grad
16. Protected Site: Paroria
17. Protected Site: Petrova Niva
18. Protected Site: Rudenovo
19. Protected Site: Silistar
20. Protected Site: Strandzhanska Zelenika
21. Protected Site: Strandzhanski Dabravi
22. Protected Site: Ustieto Na Reka Veleka
23. Protected Site: Veleka
24. Reserve: Silkosia
25. Reserve: Sredoka
26. Reserve: Tisovitsa
27. Reserve: Uzunbodzhak
28. Reserve: Vitanovo
29. PZ under the Bird Directive: Strandzha
30. PZ under the Habitat Directive: Strandzha

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