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Muhalnitsa   (Unique identification code in the register: 100)

Category: Protected Site


Map of the object
Digital boundaries - WGS 84, UTM 35N (shp)

Digital boundaries are with the current status

Area: 1.9 hectares

District: Sofia, Municipality: Botevgrad, Locality: Botevgrad

Falls in the territory of the following Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Water (RIEW):
Sofiia - bul."Tsar Boris III" №136

Falls in the territory of the following Regional Forestry Directorates (RFD):
Municipality: Municipality

Ordinance for announcement:
Ordinance No.328 from 08.05.1992 328-1992

Aims of the declaration:
1. Conservation of the marsh and adjacent territories - the habitat of a Rana temporaria L..

Current prohibitions and regimes:
1. It is prohibited construction, disclosure of querries and other activities that modify the natural appearance of the site or its water system.
2. It is prohibited importation of nonresidential for the region plant and animal species
3. It is prohibited clear felling and reconstructions
4. It is prohibited picking flowers and bouquets and collecting herbs
5. It is prohibited the construction of massive barriers that prevent/disturb the migration of frogs
6. It is prohibited drainage of Muhalnitsa swamp and injuring its water regime/system;

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