Project CORINE Land Cover 2000

The Corine Land Cover 2000 - Bulgaria is an inseparable part of the Pan European project Image and CORINE Land Cover 2000 (I&CLC 2000) and aims at providing actual digital map of the land cover following an unified methodology as well as detecting the changes occurred in the period 1990-2000.

The project was executed with the financial support of the European Environment Agency and the Ministry of environment and water - Bulgaria.

The Executive environment agency at the Ministry of environment and water was appointed as a Project coordinator.

The project was implemented by Datex company under the management of A.Stoimenov.

Contact person at the ExEA: Ivanka Todorova

Technical elements of the DB

Following the Agreement for use and dissemination of the products, the ExEA provides:

  1. Revised National DB - CLC 1990
  2. National DB - CLC 2000
  3. National DB - CLC 1990-2000 changes
  4. National DB - CLC -2000 - coastal zone

All products are available in both the National projection system 1970 and WGS 84.

The products (DB) will be provided free of charge for non-commercial purposes following the filling in of both the Declaration for use and Standard request form for provision.

Please, send the filled in documents to: todorova@eea.government.bg. CD with the requested DB will be sent to you within two weeks.

Please, note we don't accept electronic forms yet. We need the paper form signed. Thank you.


About the projec CORINE Land Cover 2000

Agreement between EEA and the participating member countries on a common policy for the use and the dissemination of I&CLC2000 products

Declaration for use

Request for provision of CLC 2000 - Bulgarian products

Technical elements of the CLC2000 - BG DB

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