Executive Environment Agency (ExEA) is an administration with the Minister of Environment and Water to carry out management, coordination and information functions as regards the control and environmental protection in Bulgaria. It designs and manages the National System for Environmental Monitoring for monitoring and information on the state of environmental components and factors on the complete territory of the country.

The Agency is a National Reference Centre within the European Environment Agency (EEA).

The Agency is a Member of EPA Network.
The EPA Network is an informal grouping bringing together the directors of environment protection agencies and similar bodies across Europe. The network exchanges views and experiences on issues of common interest to organisations involved in the practical day-to-day implementation of environmental policy.

As of 3rd of September 2018, the Executive Director of the Executive Environment Agency is Mr. Georgi Balchev.
News and Events:
31.01.2019 Noise country fact sheets 2018
29.10.2018 Health impacts of air pollution - Assessing the risks to health from air pollution
25.06.2018 Marine Litter Watch
09.05.2018 21st European Forum on Eco-Innovation for air-quality
22.01.2018 Clean Air Forum - Summary report
28.11.2017 Ten Years Going Green: 28 European towns and cities racing for European Green Capital Award 2020 and European Green Leaf Award 2019
19.07.2017 Bathing water quality in Europe
09.06.2017 European Commission adopted a report and an action plan to improve citizens' access to high quality information on environmental issues and to cut administrative burdens for EU Member States.
10.03.2017 Environmental Implementation Review: new way to help Member States apply EU rules benefits citizens, administrations and economy

28.06.2012 Тhе Executive Director of the ExEA dr. eng. Vanya Grigorova was elected a Vice Chair of the EEA Management Board and a member of the Bureau

Daily Bulletin for Air Quallity

Last recorded exceedances of the alarm thresholds for NO2, SO2 and O3

Daily Bulletin for Radiological Situation


National State of the Environment Report

Information for landfills and waste treatment facilities

CORINE Land Cover 2000 Project

CORINE Land Cover 2006 Project

CORINE News Release

National Biodiversity Monitoring System

Register of protected areas in Bulgaria

E-PRTR - European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register

Step It Up 2007

Resources for the Future


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